Solutions for the Apparel Decoration Business

Imminent release of our software version 17!
We are proud to present a new version of all our product lines of software for the apparel decoration design (10 years ago we would have said software for embroidery design only, but today is much more than that!).

Embroidery Office version 17
Stitch Era version 17
Hotfix Era version 17

This new version does not mean a complete re-design of products but it is an important evolution over the previous version. New features have been developed and some existing features have been greatly improved; however how to use the software maintains the same elegant user interface and how to use that our users enjoy. This new version provides more functionality without the need of a new re-training.

The what´s news list of the new version is listed in the Service Center. Customers of earlier versions can purchase the upgrade of their products from their software dealer or entering into the Services Center.

Sierra Technology Group
Welcome to the new site!
We have prepared this site to present our products and services in a more explicit and didactic manner. We are trying to show all the information that visitors often need to know to understand the purpose of each product, and facilitate the choice of the products that users are looking for.

Building a site like this is a continuous process. We have just opened it, and from here we will continue to include more information frequently, besides offering to our visitors new services that may be of their interest.

We hope you visit us again soon!

Sierra Technology Group