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Stitch Era Universal version 17 released!
We are happy and proud to announce that the new version 17 of our most popular embroidery software Stitch Era Universal has been released and it is currently available.

Want to see what’s new compared to the previous version 15?
See: new in SEU17 en.pdf

Stitch Era Universal is a software as subscription. Customers can purchase a subscription to any of the 3 software levels for a pre-defined period of time. No need to invest a lot of money in expensive tools, in fact, the cost starts at a few cents per license per day.

Read more about Stitch Era Universal at

Customers with active subscriptions of previous software versions can update to the last software version 17 for free (our update policy for software as subscription).
If you wish to purchase a subscription to Stitch Era Universal, please contact your software dealer or any local authorized dealer. In case that there is no dealer available in your country, you can purchase it from
Early Update Promotion has ended!
The promotion of early update to version 17 (discount on the regular price of the update) has ended. As of today, the prices to update the software will be the regular values.

This message refers to the following software products lines:
- Embroidery Office
- Stitch Era
- Hotfix Era

Reminder: Prices for upgrades of the older versions (version 9 or earlier) may change without notice. If you have version 9 or earlier, we suggest you to upgrade to version 17 soon.
Embroidery Office LIVE (software as subscription) v17 available!
Embroidery Office LIVE is a line of software products that can be purchased as a subscription. You may purchase a license to use the software for a limited time (renewable) at a very affordable price. This is the easiest way to reach a professional product without making a huge investment.

The levels of Embroidery Office LIVE products and their features are similar to the levels of Embroidery Office (standard software product).

According to your preference, you can: • Purchase an Embroidery Office product (standard software, perpetual license) • Subscribe to Embroidery Office LIVE (software as a subscription, temporary license)

Read in this site about the characteristics and requirements of both licensing modes.