Stitch Era Universal
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The most modern Interface
Powerful embroidery software
The only FREE advanced software
Includes keyboard & TTF lettering
Includes stitch & block editing
Includes many auto-digitizing modes
Includes full digitizing methods
Includes full object editing
Compatible with most machines
Fit to home embroidery & pro
Live-Update for new releases
Professional systems compatible
Stitch Era Universal has no equal!

If you already have STITCH ERA UNIVERSAL software, then you able to enjoy EmbroideryABC right now!

EmbroideryABC includes specially designed services related to STITCH ERA UNIVERSAL embroidery software, a lot of technical information and links to other sites related to this product which offer many additional resources and useful services.

Check this site very frequently, as we are adding more information regularly, in order to make STITCH ERA UNIVERSAL more productive and enjoyable each day!

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Where to get Stitch Era Universal?

Only authorized dealers can offer STITCH ERA UNIVERSAL. Do not rely on other sources. Unauthorized copies can damage or destroy your computer. Locate the nearest dealer at

How to get Stitch Era Universal?

In some countries, dealers can offer (1) CD containing the installation program, or (2) a link to download the express (reduced) version. While a shipping cost may apply to the CD version, this is the recommended option.

Install and Activate Stitch Era Universal

After receiving the software from an authorized dealer, you are ready to install the software by strictly following the provided instructions. After the installation is done, the program will request your registration & activation.

Have problems to install the software properly?

Check your system characteristics compared to the system requirements. The installation process may also fail because of several reasons: operating system & settings, graphics board & settings, internet connection, antivirus, antispam, etc. If you have experienced problems, please go to TROUBLESHOOTING section. If you cannot find a solution on that section, post your case on the message board (we do not attend e-mails).

Visit this site frequently

We are working every day to make this site more complete, with information that may be of your interest, in order that you have the best possible experience while using STITCH ERA UNIVERSAL.

Print and read the user manual

The program includes a user manual on file. Print and read the manual to know the tools and features of STITCH ERA UNIVERSAL. There is a link named “Read Me First on the program Start Page. Read it first.

Read quick guides and watch the video-tutorial

The basic video tutorials are only included in the CD version. You can access these video tutorials as well as the quick guides from the program Start Page.

Try, starting with letters

If you want to quickly start using this application, start with simple exercises. As an example, creating designs with letters will allow you to know STITCH ERA UNIVERSAL and produce designs while learning how to use the program.

Get training on digitizing

If you have never created embroidery designs before (with any system), we suggest you to take classes with professional trainers first. Initial training will provide essential concepts that will help you skip unnecessary frustration.

Get training on Stitch Era Universal

For the best use of this powerful tool, and in order to shorten the learning curve, we recommend to take classes of STITCH ERA UNIVERSAL. There are individual and group classes for all skill levels. Ask here.

Practice, before offering any digitizing service

After learning how to use the program, we suggest you to create as many designs as possible and sew them in your embroidery machine to check whether the design matches expectations. After plenty of practice, you will be able to create amazing designs.


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Stitch Era Universal is the embroidery software of choice for many new users each day. Stitch Era Universal is becoming more popular because of its features,
power, easy of use, compatibility, and because it is FREE and can be used standalone or in conjunction with other commercial systems. Did you try it yet ?
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