Solutions for the Apparel Decoration Business

First Class Garment Decoration Software

Originally developed exclusively for professional embroidery digitizers with demand of high quality in every design and high productivity. Currently we offer different software configurations to meet the diverse needs, both in features, performance and budgets; from home embroiderers or hobbyists, through small embroidery shops that customize garments, up to the most demanding designers whose core business is the production designs for garment decoration.


It includes all the functionality that the designer expects, so no need to purchase any additional product for a specific activity. Users can create designs from scratch, merge with other designs, completely modify, adjust designs in detail and export them to the machines from a single application.

Integrated Product

All product functionality has been developed by a single company, and consequently how to use the product is harmoniously uniform, even when it comes to designs with different décor specialties. No need to switch between modes (drawing, embroidery, etc.) within the application, and no need to switch between several independent applications.

A complete set of tools

New designs can be created from scratch, from bitmap images or vector graphics created in other graphics applications, photos or downloaded from the internet. The product includes a lettering system compatible with pre-digitized letters or True Type Fonts, it allows editing of each object created by adding effects or adjusting all basic and advanced properties, and it allows accurate adjustment to control the quality in detail.

Easy to Use and Very Flexible

The product offers several ways to perform the same processes, then the user can decide which path best suited to the user method of working. After a quick learning, the user can create the most attractive designs with high productivity. At the time the company grows and needs more performance, more power, or other apparel decoration specialties; the user is able to upgrade from the simplest to the most sophisticated products, keeping the designs created and gaining new features.

Embroidery Software for Professional Designers

Embroidery Office is a line of professional software products designed with the Apparel Decorator in mind. While originally created for Commercial Embroidery, it has been redeveloped to include HotFix Decoration Design as well (rhinestones, sequins, spangles), making Embroidery Office the most versatile multi decoration software in the market today.

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Stitch ERA Liberty is an integrated part of Design ERA. Includes some features found in the other software products (graphic file editing, vector files processing, vectorizing, exportation to graphic files, etc). If your activity includes Hotfix rhinestone or sequin, Stitch ERA integrates smoothly with Hotfix ERA creating the most amazing decoration software solution.

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Embroidery Software for small shops & home embroiderers

Design Software for hotfix rhinestone, sequin & more

Hotfix ERA is a first class product for the rhinestone and sequin designs creation & editing. It contains all the necessary tools to digitize designs with rhinestone, rhinestuds, nailheads, sequin and spangle. Starting from raster graphics, vector files, or just creating designs on the fly.

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